Wednesday, May 13, 2015 0 comments

Integrity VS Reputation

What do you think, which one is more important; integrity or reputation? In my opinion, someone with integrity might have good reputation as a reward; but a person with good reputation isn't absloutely have integrity as well.

I'm someone with pretty good reputation overall. Some people told me that they are inspired, they told me I'm "the best", etc, etc. Sometimes when people told me things like that, I wanted to dig a big hole and burry myself in that hole. Simply because I realize one thing. Man, I'm not that good. Don't judge me from the outside.

For me, integrity isn't just about how do you act when you are left alone, when no one see it. For me, integrity's source is the heart. People never know who we really are inside. What we think, what we feel, how we want to give up sometimes, how we do things half-heartedly, etc, etc. As for me, what keep me going on is trying. I'm just trying even I know I've messed up. I pray to God so He will help me to overcome all my evil thoughts, all my miserable feelings, because I need His forgiveness. One thing I realize is I'll never ever able being a person with integrity at the heart without Him. 

Above all else, guard your heart,
for everything you do flows from it.
(Proverbs 4:23 NIV)