Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pain and Maturity

These days I learned from my pain

Pain makes me understand people's feeling

Especially it makes me understand someone's feeling

I won't take someone's feeling easy anymore, (i hope) NEVER

I'll learn how to cherish someone's sincerity

Yes, it's easy to make a promise that I will learn from my pain

It's not a guarantee that I will perfectly understand someone's feeling and cherish it

However, what can I do is trying to

That's the first lesson

The second one is, I found the truth in this bible verse:

 "The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit"

(Psalms 34:18)

When your heart is in pain, you talk to God in a different way

Your cry talks more than your words

It's surprising when all of sudden I felt His presence and love in my room

All I thought that time is, "I would like to have a heartbreak if it makes me closer to God."

I came with miserable heart and I have a relieved heart after prayer time

Not only relieved, but happy!

Why am I happy? Because I feel Him

Because I feel how real He is in my life

Some people said they pray so they can have peace

Hey, don't think prayer as just a way to have peace

Prayer is not that cheap

It is more than just a psychology effect

I pray not to have peace

I pray to the God who is listening

I believe in Himself, that He is real and listening to prayers

I don't think God is an unknown god

-who might be there, might be not

-might be listening, might be not

I am absolutely believe that God is exist, He's listening to prayers, and He's so real in my life

That's enough for me

What is this pain?

It's absolutely nothing compared to His presence in my life

Like I have said, I would like to have a heartbreak if it brings me closer to God


A little detail story:

Honestly, these days I thought about a chance that I might lose someone precious is in my life

I never appreciate him enough when he is near

All I have ever said to him was "sorry"

"Thank you" sometimes, but I never told him how I appreciate him for always being there for me

It makes me miserable these days

But now it won't make me miserable anymore

I will let my heart be still, knowing the One who love me the most will give the best for my future


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